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Metal privacy fence by ColorMax
Metal privacy fence by ColorMax

ColorMax Metal Privacy Fence 

After installing fence & decks for local customers for over 20 years, we are now serving across the United States! 
ColorMax metal privacy fence sends a classy message, but it's not all talk. Sophisticated style meets a termite-proof product that won't rot or burn. Privacy fencing has long been the homeowner's go-to for long lasting security, aesthetic, and privacy--and ColorMax takes things up a notch.

Offers Privacy

Keep the pets in and the wandering eyes out.

Doesn't Burn

Colormax started in Australia and helps protect property during bushfires. 

Won't Rot

Say goodbye to your wood fence.

No Maintenance

The best thing since low-maintenance.

Elegant Design

Fence and classy in the same sentence? Yes please.

Termite Proof

The entire fence is metal. Enjoy for years to come. 

Under the Hood 

ColorMAX metal privacy fence is made from Colorbond steel, which has been tested for over 50 years in a variety of harsh conditions throughout Australia. Tried and true, your boundary fence is guaranteed to stand tall and look stunning. 

What makes Colorbond steel so tough? The difference lies in 5 layers of protection:


  • Robust structural steel core, crafted to the highest standards. 

  • Layer of Activate'" metallic coating for the finest anti-corrosive performance 

  • Pm-treatment layer to enhance the adhesion of additional coatings 

  • Polyester primer baked onto the surface 

  • Topcoat specially derived from exterior-grade, lead-free paint for enhanced resistance to chipping, peeling, and cracking.

Colorbond metal privacy fence

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Night Sky

Many more colors available via special order.

Yes, it's fire resistant.

Play the video to see ColorMAX in action!


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