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I Want Classy, Durable Fencing.

What's the best option? We love ColorMax fencing if you're going for classy, durable, privacy fencing, all in one. Here's why:

  • Material: ColorMax is made of corrugated steel. Wood fences rot, warp, or crack--unlike steel. Steel is, of course, very strong. Colormax is also resistant to fire and termites.

  • Durability: Heavy duty steel construction means ColorMax fences are built to last. Its protective coating sets it apart, too. Enjoy a rust resistant, durable fence for years to come.

  • Aesthetics: Its coating gives the fence a clean, modern look that vinyl or chain link just won't provide. Browse a variety of tasteful color options and choose one that complements your home.

  • Privacy: Ornamental aluminum and wrought iron fences can provide some of the other benefits listed above, but one thing they provide none of is privacy. If you want your space to feel like your own, a privacy style is a great option.

classy, durable fencing

TLDR: ColorMax fences are a stellar option if you're looking for a privacy fence that is both attractive and durable! Want to learn more? Check out the gallery or contact us!

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