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How do you install a corrugated metal fence?

*Are you more of a visual learner? Skip to the bottom to watch a simple installation guide.

Materials Needed:

- Corrugated metal panels

- Metal or wooden posts

- Screws/bolts (self tappers)

- Concrete mix

Tools Required:

- Drill

- Tape measure

- Level

- Post hole digger

- String line

Completed corrugated metal fence


1. Plan and Measure

  • Determine the fence line and measure the distance between posts.

2. Install Posts

  • Dig post holes (2-3 feet deep, depending on your post height). Set up string line to help you set your posts in a straight line, and at the right height.

  • Place posts in holes, fill with concrete, and ensure they are level, in a straight line, and at the correct height.

  • Allow concrete to set.

3. Attach Bottom Horizontal Rails

  • Attach rails between posts. This adds support to the fence and holds your corrugated panels.

4. Install Corrugated Panels

  • Overlap the edges for a seamless look.

5. Install Top Horizontal Rails

  • This helps secure your panels and adds support to the fence, similar to your bottom rails. The top rails should slide over the panels so that panels will not come out unless the top rail is removed.


  • Ensure all posts are perfectly vertical, in a straight line, and set at the correct height, BEFORE the concrete sets. Check these things before you add concrete, and continue to check them as you add concrete so that you can make minor adjustments if needed before the concrete sets.

  • Use galvanized screws or bolts to prevent rust.

  • If your corrugated fence has a colored coating, be careful not to scratch it during installation.

*This is a simple summary. Instructions may vary depending on your specific project. If you have detailed guidelines that are specific to your product or terrain, check those out as well! Are you more of a visual learner? Check out our simple video on corrugated metal fence installation, and don't hesitate to reach out if you still have questions.

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