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Why Metal is the Best Choice for a Weatherproof Fence

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

When you're living in an area known for its wild weather swings, having a fence that can brave the elements is crucial. While wood fences have been the go-to choice in the past, they fall short in durability and demand a lot of maintenance to stand up to the weather. That's where metal takes the stage as the premiere choice for a weatherproof fence. Let's dig into why metal outperforms wood when it comes to weather resistance.

Water Resistant Metal fences excel in water resistance, making them the prime pick. Unlike wood, which can rot when soaked, metal fences stand strong even after heavy rain or excessive moisture. Rainwater simply slides off without leaving a trace. Plus, when it's time for a cleanup, metal's water-resistant nature shines. A quick wash with soap and water is all it takes to wipe away dirt--no rigorous scrubbing necessary.

Wind Resistant Powerful winds can wreak havoc on many fences, potentially causing significant damage or knocking it down entirely. This is where metal fences really prove their worth. They're designed to withstand standard wind loads and can even be customized to endure stronger gusts. With posts securely anchored in the ground, you can rely on Valley Wide Fence and Deck to provide a steadfast fence that can handle the roughest weather.

Fire Resistant Colormax metal privacy fences stand up superbly to fire, which is of course not the case with wood. Colormax in particular started in Australia, and has been tested in the harshest conditions for decades--including as a perimeter fence to protect against bushfires. The sun is no issue either--long exposure to summer heat won't tarnish metal's appearance. Unlike materials that fade or warp, metal's durability keeps it looking great year after year.

Toughing it Out in Severe Weather When tough weather hits, your fence's material makes all the difference. Metal fences outshine other options in standing up to these challenging conditions. Not only do metal fences endure the elements, but they remain robust over time, come in various styles, and demand minimal upkeep. Whether you're planning a new fence, a partial replacement, or just looking around, metal emerges as the top-tier choice when it comes to weatherproofing and durability.

Valley Wide Fence and Deck offers a variety of color and style options for your fence installation. Contact us to learn more and embark on your journey toward a weather-resistant fence.

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