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Top Reasons on Why to Choose a Metal Fence Over a Wood Fence

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

On the fence about which material to go with for your new backyard or business? You've got plenty of options, but today we'll compare two of the most common: metal and wood. Metal fencing brings a variety of practical benefits that not only make your place look better but also keep it safer, private, and homey. Let's break down why metal privacy is a stellar fencing material.

We offer a variety of styles and colors to choose from
Colormax fencing in one of the most popular colors.

Tough and Easy to Care For When it comes to durability and keeping things up to snuff, metal is top of the line. Going for a metal fence means you can say goodbye to the chore of staining, which you'd have to do with wood fences. If you do need to clean your metal fence for any reason, it's plenty easy – just spray it with a hose and maybe scrub it with mild soapy water. Unlike wood, metal fencing doesn't rot, crack, or let mold grow on it. Fire Resistance Of course, metal is the go-to for a fireproof fence, while wood is one of your worst bets. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, this could be a real game-changer.

Extra Safe and Sturdy Metal fences aren't just about security; they're also about looking good. If you've got kids or pets, a metal fence is your personal guard. The way those metal slats fit together creates solid panels with no sneaky gaps. That means no nosy neighbors and no runaway pets. Stylish No staining doesn't mean an ugly aesthetic. As far as colors, metal fences come in a bunch of choices to match your style. Plus, both sides of the fence look the same, so everyone's happy. You and your neighbor appreciate the same nice view, which may make them more likely to split the cost with you. When it comes to Colormax (the metal privacy fencing we offer, in the United States), you can go with classic Night Sky, a more green Woodland, and more. Jasper has a brownish tone, giving a more similar vibe to wood while retaining the perks of metal panels. We offer a variety of versatile colors, some on-demand and some via special order.

Made to Last Metal fences are the marathon runners of the fencing world. They can outlast wood fences by a long shot, maybe even for a few decades. No rotting, less fuss, and they're not afraid of rough weather. Of course, for some customers, one of the greatest benefits of a Colormax metal fence is its fire-resistance.

In Short Choosing a Colormax privacy fence isn't just about getting a fence; it's about adding style, security, and a classy charm that makes you feel more at home for years to come. Retain the benefits of a wood fence, without the drawbacks.

Looking for more info on the perks of metal fencing? Our team is here to help. Give us a call for a free estimate or to simply learn more.

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